Configure your spaces

You can configure your spaces, including adding new ones or deleting existing ones, renaming your existing spaces, changing the sort order of your spaces or assigning spaces to assets from Spaces, on the Setup menu.

Add or delete spaces

You can add new work spaces, as necessary, up to a maximum of three spaces. You can also delete existing ones. You must remove any associated work, such as unfinished tasks or checklists, from a space before you can delete it. If you add or delete a space, you won't see the change in Logs until you log out and log back into the system.

Note If you need more than three work spaces, please contact your Account Manager to add more spaces to your account.

Rename spaces

Although you can rename any of your existing spaces, once you've used a name for a space, you can't reuse that name for a different space, even if the original space with that name was deleted.

Tip Although there's a 200-character limit for space names, really long names may not display well in task windows, in history, in reports, or in print.

Reorder spaces

You can change the order in which your spaces are displayed. Before you rearrange the sort order of your spaces, keep the following things in mind:

  • If you don't assign a sort order to a space, the system will assume the sort order to be 0.
  • If two or more spaces have the same sort order, the system will arrange them alphabetically.
  • If you change the sort order for an existing space, you won't see the change in Logs until you log out and log back into the system.

Assign assets to your spaces

By default, all your assets are assigned to each work space. However, you can assign specific assets to each space to better match your workflows. For example, you may have two kinds of assets:

  • Smaller assets that require a single space for all work done in Helm CONNECT.
  • Larger assets that require three separate spaces: one for captains, one for mates, and one for engineers.

In this example, all your assets could be assigned to a Wheelhouse space, while your larger assets could also be assigned to two additional spaces: Mate’s Desk and Engine Room.

Use the Assigned Assets field to assign specific assets to your spaces. Remember, if you assign specific assets to one of your spaces, it will only be available for those assets to use. If you don't assign specific assets to a space, it will be available for all your assets.

Note If you’re using Helm CONNECT Jobs, all your assets must include the default space as one of their assigned spaces, even if you have changed the name of the space. This is because all jobs and activities are displayed in the default space.