A resource is something you assign to a job to do the work, such as a tug. This article will explain how to add resources as well as resource types to Helm CONNECT.


Use the Setup > Ships > Resources tab to build and manage a list of all the resources you want to add to your jobs, such as your tugs. In addition to your own resources, you can also add any third-party resources you use and bill for, as well as any resources your competitors use.

Note Any assets you add to Helm CONNECT in Assets will automatically be included in your list of resources.

Divisions and operating areas

When you add a new resource, you must assign it to a division. Once you select a division, the system will automatically assign it to all the operating areas that are part of that division, but you can easily modify the list by adding or deleting operating areas.


You can select an owner for the resource. The list of available owners is based on the companies you flagged as Active on the Companies tab in Sales.


Resource Types

Resource types are a useful way to organize resources into groups and subgroups. When you set up your billing, you can create different rates for different resource types. You can also use resource types to report on the types of resources you used to perform work.

Use the Setup > Ships > Resource Types tab to build and manage your list of resource types, as well as to arrange your resource types into a hierarchy.

ExampleYou could create three resource types called Tug, ASD Tug, and Conventional Tug. You could then arrange your resource types so that ASD tugs and conventional tugs were listed as types of tugs.


Watch the video

Watch this video to see how to add resources and resource types to Helm CONNECT: