Release Notes Version 7.0.12

New Features

This release contains the following new features.

Onboard and Maintenance

New features for requisitions and critical spares

  • In Logs, crew can now use inventory checklists to record current numbers of critical spare parts on their vessels.
  • We introduced Requisitions to help users identify and manage the critical spare parts for their vessels and other assets. Both crew and shore personnel can now submit requisitions for vessel parts and other items, as well as review and track the status of their requisitions.


New menu item for managing a parts list

Parts is the new set up companion to Requisitions. It allows users to create and maintain a list of parts, including critical spares, for their vessels and other assets.

New tabs for inventory and requisition templates

New Inventory and Requisition tabs in Templates allow shore personnel to create inventory and requisition templates for the crew.


This release contains the following enhancements.


New names and locations for existing menu items

We renamed and reorganized some of the existing items on the menu on the left side of the screen:

  • In the Onboard area, we renamed Vessel Logs to Logs.
  • In the Maintenance area, we renamed Dashboard to Overview.
  • We renamed Vessel Certifications to Assets and moved it to the new Management area.
  • We renamed Crew Management to Personnel and moved it to the new Management area.
  • In the Setup area, we renamed People to Users.


Submit partially completed running hours and readings checklists

In Logs, crew members now have the option of submitting partially completed running hours or readings checklists.


Improved design and additional features for Assets

The design and functionality of Assets (formerly Vessel Certifications) is now consistent with Personnel (formerly Crew Management), including the following new features:

  • Ability to quickly add a new asset from the Assets tab.
  • Lead time filtering on the Tracking tab.