Manage individual personnel certifications

Helm CONNECT can also track the individual certifications held by each person. These are extra certifications that a person might have that are not linked specifically to a position.

ExampleIn addition to the TWIC and First Aid certifications required by all deckhands at Edoc Marine Services (EMS), Bob Smith also has a Tankerman certificate. The HR Manager at EMS tracks Bob's TWIC and First Aid certifications as part of the certification template for all deckhands. However, she tracks Bob's Tankerman certificate as an individual certification, not as part of the deckhand template.

Individual certifications differ from the certifications listed in a template in the following ways:

  • Individual certifications only apply to a single person.
  • Individual certifications aren't linked to a position.

Add individual certifications

Add individual certifications for personnel by clicking Manage Certifications on the Personnel tab in Personnel.

Assign responsible parties

Any responsible parties who can log in to Helm CONNECT, and who have a valid email address in the system, will receive email notifications when the following activities occur:

  • If the certification is updated when it's overdue.
  • If the certification is updated when it's due in 90 days or less.
  • When the certification reaches each of its lead time milestones. See Set lead times.

Set lead times

If an individual certification has at least one responsible party, you can also set lead times for that certification. We've provided options to set the lead times for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days as well as a custom field where you can enter a unique milestone.