Local asset installations

Helm CONNECT gives your users the freedom to continue working while disconnected from shore-side internet. For assets that move out of range for hours or days at a time, you can install Helm CONNECT as a desktop application that synchronizes with our shore- side server. Your crews can use Helm CONNECT onboard on a single computer or over multiple devices connected by a network.

The local installation on your asset is a simplified version of the regular Helm CONNECT server. It can be installed on almost any standard Windows computer, including most laptops and Windows tablets.

A lightweight Windows Service controls the web server, database, and background tasks. Our installer creates the Windows Service and puts a Helm CONNECT icon on your desktop. Clicking this icon takes you to the URL of the local web server. The local server runs continuously, handling all data transfer and synchronization with the shore-side server when an internet connection is available.

Having a local server means you can set up your onboard environment to best meet your crew’s needs. You can install Helm CONNECT on your assets in the following ways:

  • On a single computer
  • On multiple computers connected over a wired network
  • On multiple computers or devices connected over a wireless network

Connect multiple computers or devices over a local network

By connecting multiple computers or devices over a local network, your crew can continue working together even when the asset is disconnected from shore-side internet. For example, drills can be recorded and sent to the captain for approval, and tasks can be created, assigned to different departments, and completed onboard. When the connection to shore is re-established, all activities from the asset will transfer seamlessly to the shore-side server.

Note To learn more about connecting multiple computers or devices to Helm CONNECT over a local network, please reach out to your account manager.