Lesson 11: Maintenance Overview

Overview gives you visibility into the activities on your vessels and enables you to be more proactive with your maintenance planning.


The Overview tab provides a clear view into the health of your fleet. Each vessel is represented by a card that summarizes its current work, including the number of its unplanned, planned, and dry dock tasks.

NoteYou can add images to the vessel cards in Assets.

Organize your vessel cards

The filters at the top of the Overview tab help you control the number of displayed vessels. The Division filter allows you to show only the vessels assigned to a particular division while the Vessel filter allows you to select a vessel or vessels by name.

NoteYou can add a vessel to a division in Assets.

See vessels of highest concern

Visual cues on each vessel card quickly draw your attention to the vessels of highest concern:

  • If a vessel has any overdue tasks, the Overdue icon turns red and displays the number of tasks that are past their due date.
  • If a vessel has had any "out of spec" readings within the last two weeks, the Out of spec icon turns orange and displays the number of items that were outside their specified threshold range.

NoteYou can click the Overdue or Out of Spec icons for more details.