Once you set up your company and your users, you can start adding assets from the Assets tab in Management > Assets.

This lesson will show you how to add an asset to Helm CONNECT then how to edit that asset to include more information.

Add an asset

Adding new assets is a two-step process. First, you add an asset with some basic information: name, short name, and division. Later, you edit the asset to add more details, including an image, effective date, assigned crew, and responsible parties.

To quickly add a new asset, follow these steps:

  1. From the Management menu, select Assets.
  2. Click the Assets tab.
  3. Click New Asset.
  4. In the New Asset window, enter some quick details about the asset:
    • In the Name field, enter a name for the asset.
    • In the Short Name fields, enter a short name for the asset.
    • (Optional) From the Asset Types list, select one or more asset types. If you don't see the asset type you need, you can add a new one to the list when you edit the asset in the steps below.
    • From the Division list, select the division the asset will belong to. If you don't select one, the asset will belong to your company's default division.
    • (Optional) In the Effective Date field, select the date that you want the asset to be active in the system. The asset's effective date works in conjunction with checklist schedules.
  5. To save the new asset, click Save.

Edit an asset to add more details

Now you can add more details about an asset. To add additional information about an asset, follow these steps:

  1. On the Assets tab, click the card for the asset you want to edit.

    Tip To quickly find what you're looking for, use the filters at the top of the tab to narrow the list.

  2. Click the Details sub tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. (Optional) To add an image of the asset, do the following:
    1. Click the image box in the upper left of the Details sub tab, then click Choose Image.
    2. Navigate to the image file you want to use, then click Open.
    3. Click Choose Image.
  5. (Optional) To add responsible parties for this asset, click the Responsible Parties field and select the names of the people who should receive email notifications about this asset.

    Note The responsible parties will receive email notifications each time someone creates a new task for this asset, either in Logs or in Overview, and assigns it to shore.

  6. (Optional) To add a custom filed, click New Custom Field. Complete the necessary fields then click Save Changes.
  7. To save your changes, click Save Changes.


More about assets

Now that you know how to add and edit an asset, let's take a closer look at some of the things you should keep in mind about your assets.


Divisions control the data your users can see in Helm CONNECT, including any information related to assets, personnel, and other users. You must assign all your assets to a division.

Note If your company only has one division, all your assets will automatically be assigned to it.

Asset Types

An asset type represents a group of your assets. We use them in two ways in Helm CONNECT:

  • For asset tracking, asset types help you manage your asset certifications. When you build a certifications template, you must indicate which asset type it applies to. For example, if you create a certifications template for your lineboats that lists two certifications, then any asset with the lineboat asset type will be required to have those two certifications.
  • In the Inventory module, asset types help you manage your parts list. When you create your parts list, you can assign parts to specific asset types. This will filter the parts list when you set up your assets’ part inventory.

For more about managing asset types, check out this article.

Assigned Crew

The Assigned Crew field allows you to assign users to an asset and limit the information they can access from the Onboard menu in Helm CONNECT on shore. If assigned to a specific asset, a user will only be able to access information related to that asset.

Note This feature does not currently apply to any information associated with Helm CONNECT Jobs or Helm CONNECT Personnel.

Before you select a user's name in the Assigned Crew list, you must first ensure that all the following conditions apply:

  • The user is either in the parent division or the same division as the asset. You can check this on the Setup > Users > Users tab.
  • The user's role has permission only to items on the Onboard menu. You can check this on the Setup > Users > Roles tab.
  • The Limit to Assigned Asset check box is selected on the user's profile. You can check this on the Setup > Users > Users tab.
  • The user hasn't already been assigned to another asset. Each user can only be assigned to one asset at a time, although you can reassign them whenever you need to.

Responsible Parties

Use the Responsible Parties list to select who will receive email notifications when tasks are created for this asset and assigned to shore.

Note To receive email notifications for Helm CONNECT, you must be an active employee and have a valid email address in the system. For any notifications that contain a link to more information, you must also be able to log in to Helm CONNECT.

Custom Fields

If your role includes permission to manage custom fields, you can click New Custom Field to add custom fields and track additional information about your assets. Any custom fields you add to one asset will be available for all your assets.

Although you need permission to manage custom fields, any user can fill them out. You can edit or delete existing custom fields on the Setup > Operations > Custom Fields tab.

Operating Areas

The Operating Areas field is only used for Helm CONNECT Jobs.

Watch the video

Watch the video below to see how to add an asset to Helm CONNECT: