Lesson 4: Completing an inventory checklist

Completing critical spare inventory checklists can automatically generate high priority requisitions

  1. From the menu, under Onboard, select Logs.
  2. Click the tab ( Engine Log, Mate's Desk, or Wheelhouse) where you work.
  3. From the To Do list, select the checklist you want to use.
  4. Enter the details:
    1. Select your name from the Inspected By field.
    2. Make sure the date and time displayed in the Inspected fields are correct.
    3. (Optional) In the Tags field, add an existing tag or create a new one.
  5. Complete each item in the checklist.
  6. If you fail an item, you must complete the Fail Item window and create a new task:
    1. Complete the Description field.
    2. Select a Severity level. Yellow is the least severe and red is the most severe.
    3. (Optional) In the Tags field, add an existing tag or create a new one.
    4. From the Created by list, select your name.
    5. From the Show in list, select which space in Logs (Engine Log, Mate's Desk, or Wheelhouse) will see this item in their To Do list.
    6. From the Vessel list, select which vessel this item is for.
    7. (Optional) From the Component list, select which component this item relates to.
    8. (Optional) From the Location list, select the location where this item should be completed.
    9. In the Plan section, from the Assign to list, select whether the item should be finished on Shore, on the Vessel, or during the next Dry Dock.

      NoteIf you select Vessel or Dry Dock from the Assign to list, the status of the item will immediately change to Planned. If you select Shore, you must also set a due date and choose either an assignee or a vendor before the status will change to Planned.

    10. Click Log Task.

      NoteIf you're working on an inspection or maintenance routine, new tasks will be created from any failed items only when you finish the entire checklist. However, if you're working on a survey, new tasks will be created from failed items when you finish that portion of the survey, even if you haven't finished the entire checklist yet.

  7. (Optional) To print, click Print.
  8. (Optional) To add a note, click Notes.
  9. (Optional) To attach a file, click Attachments.
  10. Do one of the following:
    • To stop working on the checklist and return to it later, click Finish Later.
    • To discard the checklist, click Discard.
    • To finish the checklist, click Finish Now then click Finish Now again in the confirmation message.