Documents – Uploading New Documents

The Document Control tab in Documents allows you to upload and manage the document library for your company.

  1. From the menu, under Compliance, select Documents.
  2. Click the Document Control tab.
  3. Click New Document.
  4. Enter the details:
    1. Near the top of the tab, enter a name for the new document.
    2. From the Division list, select the division that needs access to the document.
    3. From the Asset list, select the asset or assets that need access to the document.

      NoteThe Asset list is filtered by the division you selected. If you select All Assets, the document will be available to all the assets in the selected division, and to all the assets in the divisions below the selected division.

    4. In the Version field, enter a version number for the document.
    5. From the Published Date list, select the published date you want associated with the document.
    6. From the Created By list, select your name.
    7. (Optional) In the Document Categories field, add an existing category or create a new one.
    8. (Optional) From the Responsible Parties list, select the users who should receive email notifications when each vessel computer receives the document or updates to the document.

      NoteOnly people who can log in to Helm CONNECT and who have a valid email address in the system will receive email notifications.

  5. To upload the PDF document, do one of the following:
    • Near the top of the tab, click the Upload PDF field.
    • In the middle of the tab, click the Upload PDF button.
  6. (Optional) To add a note, click Notes.
  7. (Optional) To attach a file, click Attachments.