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Automatically number your maintenance and compliance items

In Helm CONNECT, you can auto-number your tasks, requisitions, and corrective actions. Starting with version 1.8, you can also auto-number your inspections, maintenance routines, inventory counts, and forms.

Number rules allow you to control how your numbers look and behave. For example, in your number rule for tasks, you could say you want to start each number with the prefix "WO-" and that each number should be three digits long. You configure all your number rules from the Number Rules tab in Operations, on the Setup menu.

Note Before version 1.8, you went to the Task Number Rules tab to configure rules for your tasks and corrective actions, and to the Requisition Number Rules tab to configure rules for your requisitions. In version 1.8, we created a new set up area so you can manage all your number rules in one place. If you already had some number rules configured before the update, don't worry. We moved them over to the new Number Rules tab for you.

To configure a number rule

  1. From the Setup menu, select Operations.
  2. Click the Number Rules tab.
  3. Click New Rule.
  4. Use the Name field to enter a name for the number rule.
  5. From the Type list, select which item type or types the rule should apply to.

    Note A number rule can apply to multiple item types, but each item type can only have one number rule. You'll see a warning if you select an item type that already has a number rule.

  6. (Optional) Use the Prefix and Suffix fields to customize the appearance of your numbers. These can be any combination of numbers, letters, or symbols, and can even include spaces, but they each can't be more than ten characters long.
  7. (Optional) Use the # of Digits field if you want a fixed-length number and want the system to display leading zeroes when necessary.
  8. (Optional) Use the Last Number field to control where the sequence of numbers starts. If you don't specify a number, the system will assume the last number is 0 and start at 1, preceded by leading zeroes if you specified a number of digits.
  9. Click Save Changes.


How do auto-numbers work on my assets?

If you have number rules configured, your work items will be auto-numbered, regardless of whether they're completed on shore or on your assets. However, in order to prevent any data syncing conflicts, work completed on your asset installations will have an additional number prefix that represents which asset installation completed the work.