Which date and number formats do we support?

The table below lists the date and number formats we currently support in Helm CONNECT Jobs. For more information, take a look at our Date and number formats article.

Internet Explorer Chrome Date Format Decimal Point
Danish (Denmark) Danish DD-MM-YYYY Comma (",")
Dutch (Netherlands) Dutch DD-MM-YYYY Comma (",")
English (Australia) English (Australia) DD/MM/YYYY Period (".")
English (Canada) English (Canada) YYYY-MM-DD Period (".")
English (Philippines)   MM/DD/YYYY Period (".")
English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom) DD/MM/YYYY Period (".")
English (United States) English (United States) MM/DD/YYYY Period (".")
English (World)  English MM/DD/YYYY Period (".")
Finnish (Finland) Finnish DD.MM.YYYY Comma (",")
French (Canada) French (Canada) YYYY-MM-DD Comma (",")
French (France) French DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
German (Germany) German DD.MM.YYYY Comma (",")
Greek (Greece) Greek DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
Italian (Italy) Italian DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
Korean (Korea) Korean YYYY-MM-DD Period (".")
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil) DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
Russian (Russia) Russian DD.MM.YYYY Comma (",")
Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Argentina) DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
Spanish (Chile) Spanish (Chile) DD-MM-YYYY Comma (",")
Spanish (Dominican Republic)   DD/MM/YYYY Period (".")
Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (Latin America) DD/MM/YYYY Period(".")
Spanish (Panama)   DD/MM/YYYY Period (".")
Spanish (Spain) Spanish DD/MM/YYYY Comma (",")
Swedish (Sweden) Swedish YYYY-MM-DD Comma (",")
Welsh (United Kingdom) Welsh DD/MM/YYYY Period (".")