Use planned crew changes to trigger forms

Many companies require their crews to fill out specific forms each time crew members board or leave an asset. If you subscribe to Helm CONNECT Compliance as well as Helm CONNECT Maintenance, you can simplify this process by setting up these forms so they will be triggered automatically each time a planned crew change is recorded on an asset.

NoteOnly planned crew changes—crew changes created and scheduled on shore—can trigger a form. Unplanned crew changes recorded on an asset can't trigger a form. Create and schedule your crew changes on the Crew Changes tab in Schedule, on the Personnel menu.

When a planned crew change recorded by an asset triggers a form, the crew will see the form in their To Do list in Logs as well as in the In progress section of their Forms Library in Forms. The form's due date will be based on the number of days onboard in the asset's rotation. If the asset's rotation is either 0 days onboard or is unspecified, the triggered form will be due the day it's triggered.

How to add a crew change trigger to a form

You can add a planned crew change trigger to any of your form templates, either by building a new template or editing an existing one. For more about building a form template, take a look at Build forms templates.

To add a crew change trigger to a form

  1. In a form template, from the Crew Change Type list in the header, select Planned Crew Change.
  2. Make any other necessary changes to the template.
  3. Click Publish.