Version 1.12: Streamlined date filters for reports

To make reporting in Helm CONNECT faster, easier, and more stable, we made two big changes to our report date filters in Version 1.12:

  • Most report data sources now have date range filters. Previously, not all report data sources had date range filters. Now, most data sources that should have date filters do have them. So now you have more clarity about the data you're pulling out of Helm CONNECT. This also makes it easier when you're combining data across multiple data sources.
  • Date range filters now allow a maximum of 366 days. Previously, you could select 'all' data in our date range filters. But allowing anyone to pull all data at any time could overload our server as customer data grows in Helm CONNECT. We limited the options in our date range filters to a maximum of 366 days in all report data sources to prevent this from happening.

What does this mean for me?

We talked to many of our users and found that people most frequently need data for the last 90 days. So in Helm CONNECT version 1.12, any date range filter that previously used the 'All' option is now set to the last 90 days by default. For a given report, you'll see:

  • The Date Range set to 'Last N Days', where Number of days is '90'
  • The Date Range field highlighted yellow
  • The message: "This report was saved using the All option. This option is no longer available."


If you need to pull a year's worth of data into a report, select the 'Custom' option, and choose the appropriate start and end dates. By default, Helm CONNECT will use today's date as the end date, and the same day last year as the start date.


If you select start and end dates that are more than 366 days apart, Helm CONNECT will adjust the first date you entered to close the gap.

  • If you enter a start date first, and then add an end date more than 366 days away, the system will move the start date closer to the end date.
  • If you enter an end date first, and then add an start date that is more than 366 away, the system will move the end date closer to the start date.

What if I need several years of data in one report?

If you need two years of data in one report, do the following:

  1. Create two reports in Helm CONNECT, one for each year of the data you need.
  2. Export the data sources separately and/or create separate CSV connection strings for each report.
  3. Combine the data in your external reporting system, such Excel, Power BI, or a similar tool.


If you're using Power BI to analyze and visualize your data, you'll need to add new data connections and update your queries.

If you have any questions about these changes to the date range filters in reports, please contact your account manager.