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Allow individuals to acknowledge documents

Previously, only crew using a local installation could acknowledge receipt of a published document on behalf of an asset, and there was no way to track which individuals had viewed the document. In Version 1.14, if you have Helm CONNECT Compliance or Helm CONNECT Maintenance plus the Documents module, you can configure whether a published document needs to be acknowledged by an asset or by an individual.

The new individual acknowledgment feature is available for both Helm CONNECT on shore and for local installations on assets configured to use multi-user sign on. Local installations configured to use shared sign on can still acknowledge documents at the asset level only.

How to acknowledge a document as an individual

  1. Go to either Onboard > Documents or Compliance > Documents.
  2. Look on the Library tab. If a document requires you to acknowledge it, you will see a red and white 'i' icon. Documents that have already been acknowledged will have a green check mark icon.

  3. Click the document line item to view the detail page.
  4. Read the document on the screen or print a hard copy of the PDF to read.
  5. On the document detail page, click the Acknowledge button.
  6. Read the confirmation message, then click Acknowledge again.

    NoteOnce you've acknowledged a document, the Acknowledge button will become unavailable.

  7. Click Return to return to the Library tab. The document line item will now display a green check mark to indicate that it's been acknowledged.

    NoteIf a new version of the document is published that requires acknowledgment by individuals, the 'Requires Acknowledgment' icon will appear again for that version of the document.

More about this feature

  • Only users who are active employees and can log in with their own email and password can acknowledge a document as an individual.
  • A user who can log in to an asset can access the Onboard > Documents menu for that asset either on the asset or from shore.
  • Users can acknowledge documents as individuals only on Helm CONNECT on shore, on assets that have a local installation configured for multi-user sign, or from asset using an internet/WiFi connection to access Helm CONNECT on shore.
  • Only users in the same division where the document was published or below will be able to view and acknowledge the document.

How to configure a document for individual acknowledgment

Admin staff on shore who have permission can configure documents to require individual acknowledgment.

  1. Go to the Compliance > Documents > Document Control tab.
  2. In the list view, select an existing document or add a new one.
  3. In the document detail view, under Acknowledgment, select By individual from the list.

    Important noteIf you configure a document to be acknowledged by individual and you publish it to an asset with a local installation configured for shared sign on, nobody on that asset will be able to acknowledge that document. An asset must either have a local installation configured for multi-user sign on or be using an internet connection to access Helm CONNECT on shore to allow users to acknowledge the document individually.

  4. Click Publish.

More about this feature

  • Document acknowledgment requirements are defined per document.
  • Documents that required acknowledgment in previous versions of Helm CONNECT will be set to acknowledgment 'by asset' by default. If you need any of these documents to be acknowledged by individuals, publish a new version that is set to acknowledgment 'by individual'.
  • Users must be in the same division where the document is published or below to see and acknowledge the document.

View individual document acknowledgment status

Admin staff on shore who have permission can view a list of users who have acknowledged a published document configured to require acknowledgment by individual.

  1. Go to the Compliance > Documents > Document Control tab.
  2. Click the required document.
  3. Click the Individual acknowledgment status icon in the header.

  4. In the Individual acknowledgment status window, from the Version list, select the document version you want to check.

    NoteIf there are no versions that require Individual acknowledgment, a notification will be displayed.

  5. When you're finished reviewing the status, click outside the status window to return to the document detail view.

More about this feature

  • The acknowledgment status list shows users who are currently able to acknowledge that document. This depends on their division and ability to log in, but not on which asset they're assigned to. If a document is only published to one asset, any user who could potentially access that asset will appear in the acknowledgment status list.
  • If a user becomes 'inactive,' they will no longer appear in any acknowledgment status list, including any for documents they have previously acknowledged. To check the document acknowledgment status for an inactive employee, you can temporarily set them to 'active' and review their status on any document they would have had access to.
  • If a user has logged in and hasn't acknowledged the document, a red X is displayed in the Acknowledged column.
  • If a user has logged in and has acknowledged the document, a green check mark is displayed in the Acknowledged column.