Number formats

Although we're working to make number formats consistent across Helm CONNECT, we currently manage them a little differently in our various product lines. This article describes how they work in each product line and explains how to change your number format for Helm CONNECT Jobs.

NoteWe handle date formats in Helm CONNECT differently than numbers formats. To learn more, check out this article.


In Helm CONNECT Jobs, we base the format of your numbers on your browser language settings. Internet Explorer inherits these settings from the format you set in Windows, and Chrome bases them on your settings within Chrome itself. In all areas related to Helm CONNECT Jobs—including the Jobs menu and the Jobs-specific features on the Onboard and Setup menus—we support the use of both commas and periods as decimals. The only exception is in the formula fields for tariffs and contracts; because some functions use commas, these fields must always use decimals as periods, regardless of your browser settings.

Helm CONNECT Maintenance, Helm CONNECT Compliance, and Helm CONNECT Personnel

In Helm CONNECT Maintenance, Helm CONNECT Compliance, and Helm CONNECT Personnel, your browser language settings don't affect the format of your numbers; for these products we currently support only the use of periods as decimals, not commas.

How do you change your number format?

Currently, you can change number formats only for Helm CONNECT Jobs. You do this by changing your browser language settings.

To change the settings in Chrome

  1. Open a tab in Chrome.
  2. In the header area, click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon (three vertical dots) then click Settings.
  3. On the Settings tab, scroll down to the bottom, then click Advanced to display more options.
  4. Under Languages, click Language to display more options.
  5. If the language you want isn't in the list, click Add languages.
  6. From the list, select the language you'd like to add, then click Add.
  7. Under Order languages based on your preference, click the More action icon (three vertical dots) to the right of the language you want to use, then click Move to the top.
  8. Close the Settings tab.
  9. For your changes to take effect, you can either close and re-open the browser or fully refresh the browser by pressing Ctrl+F5.

To change the settings in Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Change date, time, or number formats.

  2. In the Region window (Region and Language window in Windows 7), click the Formats tab.

  3. From the Format list, select the language format you want to use, then click OK.