Version 1.15: Forecast payroll

In Version 1.14, Helm CONNECT only calculated actual payroll, which happens automatically when a crew change is approved. Now, in Version 1.15, to help you estimate your upcoming payroll needs, the system also calculates forecasted payroll, which is payroll for planned or pending crew changes. To learn more about planning your schedules, check out this article.


On the Personnel > Payroll > Payroll Details tab, we added two buttons above the payroll grid so you can decide when to display your forecasted payroll:

  • Show actuals: Click this button to display only your actual payroll (payroll for approved items.)
  • Show forecasted: Click this button to display your forecasted payroll (payroll for planned or pending items) as well as your actual payroll.



More about this feature

  • If you regenerate payroll, the system will regenerate both types of payroll: actual and forecasted.

  • You can't forecast payroll for unassigned positions.