Version 1.16: Release Notes

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The platform

Our "platform" is our base product and includes the features and functionality shared by all our customers. Changes to our platform affect everyone, regardless of the product lines or modules you subscribe to. We made the following platform changes in this release.

Global search works on pages with warning messages

Many places in Helm CONNECT warn you if you're about to leave a page without saving your changes. In Version 1.16, we fixed a bug that was preventing you from using global search (Alt + g) on any pages with these warnings.


Clearer labels for check box custom fields

On the Setup > Operations > Custom fields tab, we changed the label for check box custom fields from "bool" to "check box" to make it easier to understand what they're used for. We made the change in the following places:

  • In the list view, in the Control Type column
  • In the edit view, in the Control Type field

Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Helm CONNECT Compliance

We made the following changes to Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Helm CONNECT Compliance in this release.

Improvements to audits

We made two improvements that help improve the audit workflow:

  • Clearer indications when there are incomplete items: In previous versions, if there were any incomplete items on the Checklist sub tab during the Record Audit step, nothing would happen when you clicked Complete Audit, and it wasn't always clear why. Now, the Checklist sub tab will turn red and shake when there are incomplete items on that tab.
  • Notifications when more than one person is working in an audit: Previously, more than one person could work in the same audit without knowing it, and this could cause problems in the Record Audit step. Now, in the Record Audit step, you'll see warning messages in a yellow bar near the top of the audit window if there are others working on the the same audit, if someone has updated items in the audit, and if the audit has been completed and is now in the next step, Plan Corrective Actions. If you see that someone else is working on the audit, you can click the Finish Later button and exit safely.

Improvements to people selection in notes, tasks, and corrective actions

To improve system performance and consistency across our product lines, we redesigned the people selection fields for notes, tasks, and corrective actions. Previously, any field where you could select a person's name would load the names of ALL people in Helm CONNECT. For customers with a large number of people in the system, this could slow things down while the names were loaded into the list. Now, these people selection fields load only the first 50 names in the system, sorted alphabetically by first name. If the name you need isn't displayed you can search by typing a first name, last name or employee number in the field, which you could do before. You can now also search by position.

Onboard > Overview > To Do tab displays work items without a severity filter selected

Previously, a browser storage issue prevented some customers from seeing any work items on the Onboard > Overview > To Do list unless they first selected a severity filter in the Status section. Now, even if all the filters are cleared, your work items will appear correctly in the To Do list.

Overdue items in Advanced Search match Onboard > Logs

Previously, on the Maintenance > Advanced Search tab, the Overdue check box filter had bug. As a result, a search for overdue items didn't always display the correct items and the results didn't always match what your crew saw in Onboard > Logs. Now, if you select the Overdue check box filter in Advanced Search, the system displays the correct items and the results match what your crew sees in Onboard > Logs.

Hiding the Component field works properly for tasks and corrective actions

Previously, when you used the Setup > Tasks > Task Fields Configuration tab to hide the Component field, the label was hidden, but the "Select a component" list still appeared in task and corrective action windows. Now, if you hide the Component field, neither the label nor the list will be displayed until you set them to Show again.

Upload previously deleted attachments

Previously, if you added an attachment to an item anywhere in Helm CONNECT Maintenance or Helm CONNECT Compliance, then deleted it and tried to add it again right away, the attachment wouldn't upload the second time unless you closed the attachments window and started over. Now, you can upload these previously deleted attachments immediately.

Consistent comments for tasks finished by email

When you enter a comment when finishing a task in Helm CONNECT, that comment shows up in both the Activity and the Notes sections when you view the finished task in history. In previous versions, however, if you completed the task by email instead of directly in Helm CONNECT, any comments you entered appeared only in the Notes section. In Version 1.16, regardless of whether you finish a task directly in Helm CONNECT or from an email, any comments you enter will appear in both the Activity and Notes sections in that task's history.

The Linked Documents icon appears on forms only if you have permission to view documents

Previously, the Linked Documents icon would appear on forms even if you didn't have permission to view the documents. If you tried to click a document name in the Linked Documents window, the document wouldn't open. Now, to be consistent with checklists, Helm CONNECT displays the Linked Documents icon only if you have permission to Onboard > Documents or Compliance > Documents > Library.

Clearer indicators if a requisition links to a work item for a different asset

Previously, if you were on an asset using a local installation of Helm CONNECT, it was difficult to see whether a linked item was for your asset or another asset. Now, if you're working from a local installation, items for other assets will be clearly labeled "Not Available" in the Linked Item field on the requisition and the Open button won't be displayed. You'll also see "Not Available" in the Linked Item column in any requisition list view. Users on shore with permission to view both the linked item and the requisition can still see and open the linked item.

Corrective actions created from forms with multiple approval sections no longer disappear

Forms with shore approval sections can be configured to require a corrective action. In previous versions, if a corrective action generated from the first shore approval section on a form was finished before the second approval section on the form was completed, the corrective action "disappeared." You couldn't find it in either the open corrective action list OR in history, although it was still in the system.

Now, in Version 1.16, completing subsequent approval sections on a form will not hide a finished corrective action generated from the first shore approval section in the form.

Checklist template drafts always appear in the template manager

In Versions 1.14 and 1.15, if you created a maintenance or inspection checklist template draft and didn't select an asset before you clicked Save Draft, the draft would be hidden, although it was still in the system. In Version 1.16, all draft versions of maintenance or inspection templates now appear in the template list view regardless of whether or not an asset is selected.

Note Once you upgrade to Version 1.16, any hidden draft templates that were created in previous versions will reappear. You can delete these if you don't need them.

Email notifications for published documents filtered by division

When you publish a document to your assets, responsible parties for that document get an email notification when the target assets receive the document. Now, email notifications are sent only to responsible parties in the same division (up/down) as the assets where the document is published. In addition, even if you receive a link to a document that isn't in your division, you won't be able to view it.

Notes on in-progress checklists saved

Previously, when you saved a note on an in-progress checklist then clicked Finish Later, the note wasn't always saved. Now, if you click Finish Later, the note will be saved.

Correct history available for deleted tasks

If you have permission to correct history for tasks, you can now correct history for a deleted task without encountering an error, and your changes will be saved.

"Null" no longer appears in title bar for crew logging in on shore

Previously, crew who can log in to Helm CONNECT with an email and password and who have "Limit to assigned asset" selected in their user profile would see the word "null" before their name in the title bar when they logged into Helm CONNECT on shore. Now, your crew won't see the "null" anymore.

Form template category text now limited to 100 characters

In previous versions, if you created a form template and typed more than 100 characters in a category item, this caused an error when you tried to publish it. In Version 1.16, to improve performance, we now limit the category text in form templates to 100 characters.

Form template description items now expand to display all text

Previously, if you added an "Enter a description" item to a form template then added text that exceeded one line, it would overflow and look really odd in the template preview, even though it looked okay in the published form. In Version 1.16,  the description field expands to display all the text clearly in the template preview.

Consistent indicators for required fields

In most areas of Helm CONNECT, we use red asterisks beside field names to indicate required fields. In this release, we fixed a couple of places where we hadn't applied this consistently:

  • In the new search window in the Maintenance > Overview > Manage Searches tab, we removed the red asterisks from the Share With Users and Share With Divisions fields because these fields are optional.
  • We added a red asterisk to the Created By field in the Linked Documents window.

Updated default text for vendor fields

We changed the default text in the Vendors field in task or corrective action windows to "Select a vendor" to reflect what happens in this field more accurately.

Wider columns in the Attachment section of checklist and form history

We widened the columns in the Attachment section of checklist and form history so you can see more information.



In this release, we were busy building new API endpoints for Helm CONNECT Jobs. For more information, please see Helm CONNECT API.

Helm CONNECT Personnel

We made the following changes to Helm CONNECT Personnel in this release.

Additional information in the Current Crew list on shore

On the Current Crew sub tab on the Personnel > Schedule > Crew Changes tab, we now display the following information:

  • The date and time someone crewed onboard
  • The number of days someone has been onboard and the number of days in their scheduled rotation (if they have a configured rotation type)
  • A warning if someone has worked longer than their scheduled rotation, or if today is the last day of their rotation

To make the information easier to read, we also improved the formatting of the text and changed the sort order so that items are now sorted first by position group, followed by start date and time, then the person's first name and last name.


Note We didn't make these changes to the Current Crew sub tab on the Onboard > Personnel > Crew Changes tab because the crew require different information than the shore team.

Type filters on Tracking tabs display only selected items

On the Management > People > Tracking and Management > Assets > Tracking tabs, when you search for something in the Type field, the system displays a list of possible results based on what you type. Before, if you selected one or more of the items in the list, the system still displayed all items that contained your search term instead of only exact matches. In Version 1.16, you'll now see only items that match what you selected from the list.


Asset filter for the View in Schedule link works correctly

On the Personnel > Payroll > Payroll Details tab, when you click a generated payroll transaction to see more details, you can click the View In Schedule link to see the related payroll period, asset, and crew member on the Personnel > Schedule > Schedule tab. Previously, when you clicked the View In Schedule link, the asset filter on the Schedule tab sometimes included assets from a previous search. Now, when you click the link, the asset filter shows only the asset related to the payroll transaction you're looking at.

Note You'll only see the View In Schedule link if you have permission to the Personnel > Schedule > Schedule tab.

Reports and custom fields

We made the following changes to our reports and custom fields in this release.

Audits and Corrective Actions reports now ignore commas in audit names

Previously, if you selected an audit name that contained commas in either the "Audit Name" filter in the Audits report or in the "Source" filter in the Corrective Actions report, the search results would be blank and the filter would appear blank, even though the audit name was selected. You would have to reload the browser page to clear the filter. In Version 1.16, these two filters now ignore any commas that appear in an audit name.

Note If multiple audits have the same name, except for commas, they'll all be included in the search results.


We made the following changes to our API in this release. For more details, please refer to our API documentation.

New endpoints

We added the following endpoints:

  • Custom Fields
  • Locations
  • Activity Types
  • Event Types
  • Trip Types
  • Trip Type Templates
  • Resources