Before you install Helm CONNECT

There are a few things you should have ready before installing Helm CONNECT.

Decide whether the crew will use shared or multi-user sign on

There are two different ways of allowing your crew to log in to an installation of Helm CONNECT:

  • Shared sign on: You can assign a password to the asset and require all crew members to sign on with the asset password. With this option, users will only be able to access the features that are included in the asset's role.
  • Multi-user sign on: You can allow each crew member to sign on with their own email and password. With this option, each user will only be able to access any features that are included in both their own user role and the asset's role. This could mean that some users will be able to access more features when logged in from shore than they can when logged in to an installation.

Set up your asset roles

When you configure an installation, you'll be asked to select a role for your asset. This will control which features users can access when logged in to the installation. For more about setting up roles, check out this article.

Download the Helm CONNECT installer

You can download our installer on the Fleet Installations tab, then run it on the computers where you want to install Helm CONNECT. Our installer is universal, which means you can download it once then use it for all your installations.

To download the installer

  1. Go to Setup > Fleet > Fleet Installations.
  2. Click Download Installer.
  3. In the Download Installer window, do one of the following:
    • Copy the plain text download link, then paste it into your web browser or send it to another user. Click Close.
    • Click Download Installer, then save the installer to a USB drive or similar device.