MC Dashboard: Drill Matrix - By Asset


The Drill Matrix - By Asset page helps you see which assets have completed specific drills.

  • Assumptions:
    • Drills are set up in forms.
    • Drills are scheduled monthly.
    • Each asset is required to finish at least one occurrence of each drill each month.
  • Permanently set filters:
    • Items are forms only.
    • Items have “Generate Personnel Record = Yes”.
    • Date range is set to previous and current years.


The slicers help you filter and sort the data on the page so you see only what you need.


  • Press Ctrl and click to select multiple items in a list.
  • If no items are selected from a particular list, data will be displayed for all the items in that list.

Drill Complete

  • Click No to filter for all drills that haven't been completed in the selected month.
  • Click Yes to filter for all drills with at least one completion in the selected month.

Division, Asset

  • Only includes divisions and assets with at least one completed drill.
  • When a division is selected, all assets in that division are selected.


  • Based on the Form Name field from the Forms data source in Helm CONNECT.
  • Displays the name of the completed drill.


  • Based on the Filled Date field from Helm CONNECT.
  • Select a month in which drills were completed.


  • Based on the Filled Date field from Helm CONNECT.
  • Select a year in which drills were completed.

Clear All

  • Click this button to clear all applied filters.

KPI Cards

The KPI cards summarize the performance on the page. They can be filtered by the slicers.


  • The number of assets with completed drills.

Distinct Drills Complete

  • Total number of distinct drills completed by assets.


This page provides the following tables to illustrate your data.

NoteTo export data to a CSV file:

  1. Hover over the visualization and click the “” button that appears.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Export data.

Attending Crew

  • Crew members who took part in a drill.
  • Number of drills each crew member took part in.

Drill Matrix

Use the matrix to determine which assets have completed which drills in each month of the previous and current years.

  • If an asset has no instances of a certain drill completed in a specific month then that will be indicated by a 0.
  • For drills that are scheduled to be completed by any frequency other than monthly, some user knowledge is required:
    • Example 1: If a drill should be completed weekly, you must look for four completed instances of that drill each month to determine if the drill was completed weekly.
    • Example 2: If a drill should be completed quarterly and two months contain 0 values, you must look for a completed instance of that drill in the third month of the quarter to determine if the drill was completed within the quarter.