MC Dashboard: Crew Certifications


The Crew Certifications page provides a detailed view of all expired and valid Crew Certifications.

Permanently set filter: Asset Name is not blank.


The slicers help you filter and sort the data on the page so you see only what you need.


  • Press Ctrl and click to select multiple items in a list.
  • If no items are selected from a particular list, data will be displayed for all the items in that list.


Includes all crew members with at least one completed crew certification.

Certification Category

Based on the Certification Category field from Helm CONNECT, for example, Drivers License, Medical, etc.

Certification Type

Based on the Certification Type field from Helm CONNECT. This is the actual name of the certification.

Required to Operate

Based on the Required to Operate field from Helm CONNECT.

Options are Yes or No.


Based on the Expiry Date field from Helm CONNECT.

Logic: If it's before the expiry date, the certification is considered to be valid, if it's on or after the expiry date, the certification is considered to be expired.

Clear All

  • Click this button to clear all applied filters.


Bar Graph

  • Certifications can have one of the following four statuses:
    • Expiring < 30 Days (Red): Certifications that will expire in less than 30 days or have already expired.
    • Expiring in 30-60 Days (Orange): Certifications that will expire in 30 or more days but fewer than 60 days.
    • Expiring in 60-90 Days (Yellow): Certifications that will expire in 60 or more days but fewer than 90 days.
    • Expiring in > 90 days (Green): Certifications that will expire in 90 or more days.
  • Tooltip: Hover over an individual status on the data bar to display the status name as well as the total number of certifications that have that status.
  • Click an individual color on the data bar to filter the entire dashboard to show data for just that status.
  • The total number of certifications, including all four statuses, is displayed to the far right of the data bar.


This page provides a table to illustrate your data.

NoteTo export data to a CSV file:

  1. Hover over the visualization and click the “” button that appears.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Export data.

Asset Certifications Table

  • Columns include:
    • Crew
    • A column for each certification type.
  • Conditional Formatting:
    • Red X: Represents an expired certification.
    • Green Check Mark: Represents a valid certification.
    • Blank: Represents a crew member who doesn't have that specific certification.
  • Tooltip: Hover over an individual cell in the table to display the following information:
    • Expiry Date: Expiry date of certificate; if a certification has no expiry date, this will be blank.
    • Days Remaining: Days remaining until the certificate expires. If the certificate has expired this will be a negative number; if the certificate has no expiry date this will be 10,000.
    • Required to Operate: Yes or No.