MC Dashboard: Asset Certifications


The Asset Certifications page provides a detailed view of all expired and valid asset certifications.

  • Permanently set filter: Asset Name field is not blank.


The slicers help you filter and sort the data on the page so you see only what you need.


  • Press Ctrl and click to select multiple items in a list.
  • If no items are selected from a particular list, data will be displayed for all the items in that list.

Division, Asset

  • Includes only divisions and assets with at least one completed asset certification. If a division or asset doesn't have any completed asset certifications, it won't appear in the list.
  • When a division is selected, all assets in that division are selected.

Certification Category

  • Based on the Certification Category field from Helm CONNECT, for example, Coast Guard, License, etc.

Certification Type

  • Based on the Certification Type field from Helm CONNECT. This is the actual name of the certification.

Required to Operate

  • Based on the Required to Operate field from Helm CONNECT.
  • Options are Yes or No.


  • Based on the Expiry Date field from Helm CONNECT.
  • Logic: If it's before the expiry date, the certification is considered to be valid, if it's on or after the expiry date, the certification is considered to be expired.

Clear All

  • Click this button to clear all applied filters.


Bar Graph

  • Certifications can have one of the following four statuses:
    • Expiring < 30 Days (Red): Certifications that will expire in less than 30 days or have already expired.
    • Expiring in 30-60 Days (Orange): Certifications that will expire in 30 or more days but fewer than 60 days.
    • Expiring in 60-90 Days (Yellow): Certifications that will expire in 60 or more days but fewer than 90 days.
    • Expiring in > 90 days (Green): Certifications that will expire in 90 or more days.
  • Tooltip: Hover over an individual status on the data bar to display the status name as well as the total number of certifications that have that status.
  • Click an individual color on the data bar to filter the entire dashboard to show data for just that status.
  • The total number of certifications, including all four statuses, is displayed to the far right of the data bar.


This page provides a table to illustrate your data.

NoteTo export data to a CSV file:

  1. Hover over the visualization and click the “” button that appears.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Export data.

Asset Certifications Table

  • Columns include:
    • Assets
    • A column for each certification type.
  • Conditional Formatting:
    • Red X: Represents an expired certification.
    • Green Check Mark: Represents a valid certification.
    • Blank: Represents a crew member who doesn't have that specific certification.
  • Tooltip: Hover over an individual cell in the table to display the following information:
    • Expiry Date: Expiry date of certificate; if a certification has no expiry date, this will be blank.
    • Days Remaining: Days remaining until the certificate expires. If the certificate has expired this will be a negative number; if the certificate has no expiry date this will be 10,000.
    • Required to Operate: Yes or No.