Configure Crew Scheduling: Manning Requirements

Manning requirements define the number of crew and specific positions needed to run your assets. Each asset can have just one manning requirement or multiple manning requirements linked to different trip types. If a crew member doesn't have the position specified in a manning requirement, a notification will appear.

Manning Templates

When you add a manning requirement to an asset, you have the option of creating it from a manning template or creating it from scratch by adding the position groups and positions manually. Templates make it easier to configure manning requirements and can be applied to many assets.

To create a manning template

  1. Go to the Setup > Personnel > Manning Templates tab.
  2. Click New Manning Template.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the manning template, for example, "Linehaul."
  4. Click Add Position Group then, from the Position Group list, select a previously configured position group. If the selected position group already contains positions, they'll appear automatically when it's selected. You can add additional positions or remove them, as required.
  5. (Optional) Repeat step 4 to add additional position groups.
  6. Click Save Changes.

To assign or update the manning requirement for an asset

  1. Go to the Management > Assets > Assets tab.
  2. Select the asset to which you'd like to assign or update a manning requirement.
  3. Click the Manning Req. sub tab.
  4. Click New Manning Req.
  5. To create or update the manning requirement manually, go directly to step 7.
  6. To use a manning template, do the following:
    1. From the Manning Templates list, select a previously configured manning template.
    2. Click Create From Template then, in the confirmation message that appears, click Replace. By default, the manning requirement will inherit the name of the selected manning template, but you can edit this if necessary.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • If this asset has a different manning requirement for different trips, use the Trip Types list to select the trip type that the selected manning requirement applies to.
    • If this asset has the same manning requirement for all trips, you can skip this step.

    NoteYou shouldn't use the same trip type for multiple manning requirements on the same asset.

  8. Add or remove position groups and positions, as necessary.
  9. Click Save.