Requisitions – Review requisitions and receive shipments

The Maintenance > Requisitions > Requisitions tab displays all the open requisitions and requested items for your assets. Use it to request new items for your assets and manage the open items.

NoteEach item on the Requisitions tab is related to one of your assets.

Organize your list

The filters near the top of the Requisitions tab sort the list of displayed items and help you find the specific ones you're looking for.


  • You can use two or more filters at the same time.
  • The system will remember your most recent filter settings until you change them or clear them.

To receive parts in Helm CONNECT on shore

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Requisitions.
  2. Click the Requisitions tab.
  3. Select the requisition you need.
  4. For each line item in the requisition that's been received, set the Status field to Received On Asset or Received On Shore, as required.

    Note Once you set an item's status to Received on Asset then click Save, the item is considered complete, you won't be able to change the status, and it will now appear in history.

  5. Partial shipments: If only part of a requested line item was received, you can split the line item to into two lines, one to record the parts that arrived, and one to track the parts that haven't arrived yet. To do this:
      1. Click the Split icon above the Vendor field.
      2. In the Split line item? window, enter how many units you want to move to a new line item.
      3. Optional: Click the Copy Notes and Copy Attachments check boxes if you want to copy any of these items from the original line item.


    1. Click Split. You will now see two line items.
    2. For the line item for the parts that were received, set the Status field to Received On Asset or Received On Shore, as required. The other line item's status won't change.
  6. Click Save.

For more information about requisitions, see this article.