Requisitions – Requisitions from Templates

The Requisitions tab displays all the open requisitions and requested items for your asset. Use it to request new items for your asset, as well as to manage the open items.

Organize your list

The filters near the top of the Requisitions tab sort the list of displayed items and help you find the specific ones you're looking for.


  • You can use two or more filters at the same time.
  • The system will remember your most recent filter settings until you change them or clear them.

For items you order frequently, you have the option of using a template. You can use this procedure to apply an existing template to a requisition.

To build a requisition with a template

  1. From the Onboard menu, select Requisitions.
  2. Click the Requisitions tab.
  3. Click New Request.
  4. From the Requisition Template list, select a template.
  5. Click Apply Template then click Apply again in the confirmation message.

    Important Note If you apply a template, its contents will replace any information you've already entered into the requisition, including line items.

  6. Review the contents applied by the template, then enter any missing information, such as the quantities you want of each item.

    Note After applying a template, you can make changes to the requisition, such as adding or deleting line items or changing the priority. Your changes will affect only the requisition you're working on; they won't be saved to the template.

  7. (Optional) To delete a line item, click the small red X icon to the right of it.
  8. (Optional) To change the order of a line item, click the Move Up or Move Down arrows above the Vendor field.
  9. (Optional) To change a vendor for a line item, select a new name from the Vendor list.
  10. Select your name from the Created By field.
  11. (Optional) Use the Due Date field to say when the requisition is due. This date will apply to each the item in the requisition.
  12. (Optional) Use the Linked Item field to link this requisition to an open inspection, maintenance routine, inventory count, form, task, or corrective action.
  13. To save your work, click Save.