Build requisition templates

You can provide your crew with templates to help them quickly build requisitions for the parts or other items they order frequently. Build them on the Requisitions tab in Templates, from the Setup menu, then publish copies for your crew to use. The copies will be available to your crew when they request items through Requisitions.

This lesson will show you how to build a requisition template.

Configure the template header

When you build a new requisition template, you start at the top, with the header information. This is where you configure the settings for your template, including which asset will use it.



Start by giving your template a name. This is the name your crew will see in when they select the template when they make a new request in Requisitions.


You must assign the template to one of your assets.


From the Space list, you can select the default work space that will be listed on copies of this template.

NoteEach template can only be assigned to one asset and work space. If you'd like to assign a similar template to another asset and/or space, you can create a new template and assign it as needed.


Select a default priority for copies of the template. Yellow is the lowest priority and red is the highest. Users can change the priority, if necessary, on their copies of this template.

Responsible Parties

You can use the Responsible Parties list to select who will receive email notifications when requisitions based on this template are submitted.

NoteTo receive email notifications, you must be an active employee, be able to log in to Helm CONNECT, and have a valid email address in the system.

Build the template body

The body of your template contains a default list of parts. When your crew use this template to make a requisition, they will be able to add or delete parts from their copy of this list, as necessary.

To build your template, click Add Line Item and select a part name from the list. Repeat this step to add all the parts you need to the template.

Manage your templates

Once you have a few templates in your list, check out this article for some tips to help you organize them.