Lesson 9: Your parts and requisitions

Build your parts list

In Helm CONNECT, your parts list is a catalog of the parts you want to keep track of or order frequently. You will set up and manage your parts list, as well as your parts units and categories, in Parts.

Add part units

A unit, such as box or a case, is required for every part you add to the system. Before you start adding any parts, you must first add the units you need on the Part Units tab.

Add part categories

Although they're optional, categories are a useful way to organize your list of parts. Before you start adding any parts, you can add the categories you want on the Part Categories tab.

Add parts

After you add your units and categories, you can start adding parts on the Parts tab. We suggest you start with a short list, and add more items as you identify the ones you really need. This will help keep your parts list uncluttered and give you an opportunity to decide how you'd like to organize it.

Identify critical spares You can flag any item in your parts list as a critical spare by selecting the Critical Spare checkbox. If a critical spare is included in a requisition generated from an inventory checklist, that requisition will automatically be assigned a high priority.

Active versus inactive parts By default, any new parts you add are active. This means they will be available to users performing the following tasks:

  • Adding parts to a requisition
  • Adding parts to an inventory template
  • Adding parts to a requisition template

If you no longer want a part to be used, you can make it inactive by clearing the Active checkbox on the Parts tab. If you want to start using the part again, you can make it active by selecting the Active checkbox.

Grow your parts list

As you and your crew use Helm CONNECT, you will discover additional items you want to add to your parts list. There are two ways to add new items to your parts list:

  • Add new items on the Parts tab in Parts.
  • Add new items from within an open requisition in Requisitions. Simply click the Add a new part icon, complete the details about the new part, then click Add to add it to both the open requisition and the parts list.

    NotesThis feature is only available in the shore version of Requisitions.

How to build your parts list

Watch this video to see how to build your parts list in Helm CONNECT: