Lesson 9: Parts, requisitions, and inventory

Build inventory templates

You can provide your crew with inventory counts to help them record the number of specific parts, such as critical spares, on your assets. Inventory templates are the master copies of your inventory counts. Build them on the Inventory tab in Templates, under Setup, then publish copies for your crew to use. The copies will appear in your crew's To Do lists in Logs, organized by work space and when they should be completed.

This lesson will show you how to build an inventory template.

Configure the template header

When you build a new inventory template, you start at the top, with the header information. This is where you configure the settings for your template, including which assets will use it and when it should be due.


Start by giving your template a name. This is the name your crew will see in their To Do lists.


Schedule this template, by clicking the Schedule field and entering the schedule details.

Generate Requisition

If you want requisitions to be automatically generated from copies of this template, select the Generate Requisition check box. This setting works with the minimum (min) and maximum (max) values of your inventory items:

  • If someone enters a number below the minimum value while finishing the count, the system will generate a requisition to bring the count for that item up to the maximum value.
  • If your template doesn't include any inventory items with minimum and maximum values, the system can't generate a requisition.


You must assign the template to one or more of your assets. These are the assets that will use copies of this template.


From the Space list, select the asset work space that will see copies of this template.

NoteEach template can only be assigned to one asset work space. If you'd like to assign a similar template to another space, you can duplicate the template and assign it to another space.

Responsible Parties

If you selected the Generate Requisition check box, you can use the Responsible Parties list to select the users who will receive email notifications when copies of this template generate a requisition.

Note Only people who can log in to Helm CONNECT and who have a valid email address in the system will receive email notifications.

Build the template body

The body of your template contains the instructions and other items you want your crew to perform. The list on the left is all the possible types of items you could add to your template. To build your template, just drag something from the list and drop it onto your template.

A few things to keep in mind when building an inventory template:

  • Every template must have at least one category. A category is simply a way to group your items. Just drag one from the list on the left and drop it onto your template.
  • Add the items you want by dragging them from the list and dropping them onto a category.
  • You can add as many categories and items as you need. To move something, just grab it by the little handle icon and drag it up or down to a new location.

Watch the video

Watch this video to see how to build an inventory template in Helm CONNECT:


Need a little more help?

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