Forms – Approve a Form from Logs

Approve or decline forms in the Awaiting Approval section of the To Do list.


To approve a form from Logs

  1. From the Onboard menu, select Logs.
  2. Click the tab ( Engine Log, Mate's Desk, or Wheelhouse) where you work.
  3. From the To Do list, select a form from the Awaiting Approval group. Notice you can't change any items that have already been completed.
  4. Complete any items in the approval section for the asset.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To approve the form, click Approve.
    • To decline the form and send it directly to history, click Decline, then click Decline again in the confirmation message.
    • To decline the form and send it back a step, click Decline, select the Send back to previous step check box in the confirmation message, then click Decline again.