Enhancements to requisitions

Our Requisitions module is designed to streamline communications between assets and shore about purchase requests. In Version 1.12 of Helm CONNECT, we made several key enhancements to help improve your workflows.

Set up role-based approval limits for requisitions

You can set up an approval limit for your requisitions if required. This means you can decide on a minimum amount that will require approval, then give a specific role or roles the ability to approve any requisitions that reach an estimated cost equal to or above this amount. If a requisition needs approval, it will appear in your list of requisitions with the status of 'Awaiting Approval'.

To set up and manage your approval gateway and approval roles, use the Setup > Requisitions > Requisition Approval Configurations tab.


Link requisitions to open items

In Version 1.12, in addition to open tasks and corrective actions, you can also link your requisitions to open inspections, maintenance routines, inventory counts, and forms. We also made it easier for you to search and find the items that you want to link your requisitions to.

Request labor on a requisition

Next time you add a line item to one of your requisitions, you'll notice a new Switch to Labor icon above the Vendor field that allows you to switch the fields on your line item from parts fields to labor fields. For example, if you switch to the labor fields, you'll see a Labor Description field instead of the Part list, and the estimated price will be displayed in dollars per hour instead of in dollars per unit. To switch back to the parts fields, simply click the Switch to Part icon.

Handle partial shipments

Previously, if you only received some of the parts on a requisition, there was no easy way to handle the partial shipment in Helm CONNECT. Now, you can split a line item into two items, one to record the parts that arrived and one to track the parts that haven't arrived yet. To split a line item, click the Split icon above the Vendor field to display a new window where you can specify how you want to split the line item, as well as copy any notes and attachments from the original line item over to the new line item.

Auto-number each line item

To better support integration with external purchasing systems, if you configure Helm CONNECT to auto-number your requisitions, it will now apply numbers to each line item as well. Previously, the system would only assign a number to the requisition itself, not to the line items.

For more about setting up auto-numbers, check out this article.

Change the order of line items

You can change the order of the line items in a requisition by clicking the Move Down and Move Up icons above the Vendor field. Group them by price, by type, by vendor, or by whatever order makes the most sense to you.