Billing Settings

This article will explain how to configure your billing settings in Helm CONNECT.

Billing Settings

Use the Billing Settings tab in Invoicing, under Setup, to configure your billing settings for each division and area.

Revenue Allocation Distribution

Revenue allocation distribution is a system-wide setting that determines how much revenue is allocated to each resource if more than one resource is used for a transaction line. There are two options in the Revenue Allocation Distribution list:

  • Job Time allocates revenue proportionally to each resource based on the time they spent on the job. This is the default setting.
  • Job Count allocates equal revenue to each resource regardless of the time they spent on the job.

Hourly Rounding Rule

The settings under Hourly Rounding Rule determine the default rounding behavior when the hourly quantity type is applied in a billing rule. You can configure your own rounding rules by choosing how many minutes you want the system to round up to, down to, or nearest to.

You can override the default rounding rule for a division or area by creating formulas in the billing rules for any rates that you don't want to use the default.

Tip If you don't want any rounding for a specific area or division, select Round Up Nearest 1 minute from the Hourly Rounding Rule list.

Effective Date Based On

The settings under Effective Date Based On determine the effective date that conditions in billing rules and as well as contract effective and expiry dates are based on. If you don't specify an effective date setting, the system will use “Trip Start”.

You can choose from the available date fields to use a different date to base your contracts and rates on. The system will block you from billing if you are missing the relevant date, because without that date the billing rules engine may not be able to apply the correct rates.

Invoice BCC email addresses

The Invoice BCC Email Addresses field allows you to enter one or more email addresses to be blind copied on every transaction emailed by the system. This allows you to verify that each transaction has been successfully sent.

If you haven't set a BCC email address for the area and divison of a transaction, the system will use the BCC email address for the parent division or area, if one exists.

Watch the video

Watch this video to see how to configure your billing settings in Helm CONNECT: