Set contracts at the trip level

Helm CONNECT Jobs customers can set contracts at the trip level, giving you the flexibility to bill individual trips in an order to different customers. For example, you could bill an agent or customer for the inbound and outbound trips on an order but bill any shifts in between to a third party, such as a port authority. Previously, you had to track those shifts as separate orders, creating extra work for your billing clerks and resulting in additional vessel calls in your reports.

How does this feature work?

By default, all the trips on an order use the contract you select in the Contract field in the header. To override the order contract, click the More icon and select Use Different Contract.



Once you select Use Different Contract, you'll see two additional fields on the trip: Customer and Contract. Use these fields to choose the customer and contract you want to use for the trip.



More about this feature

There are a few things to keep in mind about this feature:

  • You can't select the same contract for the order and a trip within the order.
  • If you change your mind about which contract to use for a trip, you can go back to the order contract by clicking the More icon again and selecting Use Original Order.
  • The customer you select on the trip will display on the Dispatch and Billing screens instead of the order contract.
  • You can't bill two trips with different contracts on the same invoice.


To use this feature, you must add the Use Different Contract permission to your role on the Roles tab under Setup > Users.