Trip Types

This article will explain how to add trip types to Helm CONNECT.

Trip Types

Use the Trip Types tab, in Orders, under Setup, to create and manage your trip types.

Accounting codes

Use the Accounting Code field if you want to include a trip type as part of your revenue allocation.

Default primary activity types

Assign a primary activity type if you want the system to enter a default primary activity type when you add an activity to a job for that trip type.

NoteOnly activity types flagged as Primary will appear in the Primary Activity Type list. Activity types are created and managed on the Activity Types tab in Events.

Vessel call

Select the Vessel Call checkbox if you want a trip type to be included as part of your vessel call count for reporting purposes.

Note Vessel call would be used most frequently on inbound, outbound, and shifting trip types.


Click Configure to manage the fields for the trips and jobs associated with that trip type. If you have access to multiple divisions, you can set up different field configurations for each division.

NoteIf you don't configure the fields for a particular division, it will inherit the configuration from its parent division.

When configuring fields, you can do the following:

  • Add a field by dragging it from the list on the left to the panel on the right.
  • Specify whether or not a field is required by selecting or clearing the Required checkbox.
  • Remove a field by clicking the red X icon.
  • Add a custom field by clicking New Custom Field and completing the necessary fields, then dragging the new custom field from the list on the left to the panel on the right.

    NoteDepending on your permission settings, or the features your company subscribes to, you may not have access to custom fields.

Watch the video

Watch this video to see how to add trip types to Helm CONNECT: