Lesson 3: Users


Positions control which groups of users can be assigned maintenance tasks. If you subscribe to Personnel Certifications, they also help you manage certifications for your personnel.

Permission to be assigned maintenance tasks

When you're adding or editing a position, you can use the checkboxes below the Name field to control the types of maintenance tasks someone with that position can be assigned.

When users plan tasks, they decide whether to assign each task to shore, vessel (onboard), or dry dock. If their role allows them to, they can then select the name of an individual from the Assignee or Vendor lists. Positions control whose names appear in the Assignee list for each type of maintenance task.

ExamplesWith the settings below, the names of your deckhands can be selected from the Assignee lists for any tasks assigned to the vessel (onboard), but not for tasks assigned to shore or dry dock.

With the settings below, the names of your new deckhands can't be selected from any Assignee lists, regardless of whether the task was assigned to shore, dry dock, or the vessel (onboard.)

Watch the video

You can add a new position on the Positions tab in Users. Watch this video to see how to set up positions in Helm CONNECT: