Lesson 1: Company


A location is where work will take place. When someone plans work, such as a task, he or she has the option to assign a location for that work.

About location types

Although they're optional, location types are a useful way to organize your list of locations. You can create and manage your location types on the Location Types tab in Locations.

ExamplesYou could add location types such as ports, waterways, or regions.

About locations

Once you've added any location types you want to use, you can start adding locations on the Locations tab. We suggest you start by adding just a few of your most commonly used locations, then adding more as needed. This will help keep your list down to a manageable number.

ExamplesYou could add the following locations:

  • Shipyards or ports where repairs could take place
  • Ports where vessels could pick up supplies or equipment
  • Ports where a vendor or trades person could be available to do work

How to set up your location types and locations

Watch this video to see how to set up location types and locations in Helm CONNECT: