Lesson 3: Users


Once you've set up the roles and positions you need, you're ready to add users to Helm CONNECT.

Before you start

When adding users to Helm CONNECT, keep the following things in mind.

Default Division

You must assign all users to a default division. This will control the data each user can access when he or she logs in. If the user is able to log in, you also have the option to assign them to one or more secondary divisions.

NoteIf your company only has one division, all your assets and personnel will automatically be assigned to it.

Active Employees

Making someone an active employee means you want his or her name to be available throughout the system. You can make someone an active employee by selecting the Active Employee checkbox.

Important NoteAn active employee's assigned division and position will affect whether or not his or her name appears in some lists.

Can Log In

You can indicate someone can log in to Helm CONNECT with his or her own email and password by selecting the Can Log In checkbox. Once you save your changes, an account activation email with instructions for setting up a new Helm CONNECT password will be sent to the email address you provided for that user.

NoteIf someone is assigned as a responsible party for a vessel or for a certification template, being able to log in will ensure they receive email notifications related to that vessel or certification template.

Can Log In To Boat

If your company allows multi-user sign on for its vessels, then you must indicate who is allowed to log in to the installed versions of Helm CONNECT on the vessels by selecting both the Can Log In and Can Log In To Boat checkboxes.

NoteThe Can Log In To Boat checkbox won't be visible unless you've already selected the Can Log In checkbox.


Anyone who can log in to Helm CONNECT must be assigned a role.

Watch the video

You can add a new user on the Users tab in Users. Watch this video to see how to add users to Helm CONNECT: