Audits – Schedule an Audit

Schedule and record the findings of internal and external audits.


To schedule an audit

  1. From the Compliance menu, select Audits.
  2. Click the Audits tab.
  3. Click New Audit.
  4. Enter the details:
    1. Near the top of the tab, enter a name for the new audit.
    2. From the Type list, select whether you're scheduling an internal or an external audit
    3. From the Due list, select the date when you want the audit to start.
    4. (Optional) If you're scheduling an internal audit, you can select an existing template from the Template list.
    5. Under Audit For, select whether you're scheduling an audit for an office or an asset:
      • If you select Office, then you must also select a division from the Division list.
      • If you select Asset, then you must also select the name of the asset from the Asset list.
    6. (Optional) From the Location list, select where you want the audit to take place.
    7. (Optional) In the Tags field, add an existing tag or create a new one.
    8. (Optional) From the Responsible Parties list, select the users who should receive an email notification when this audit is closed and ready for review.

      NoteOnly people who can log in to Helm CONNECT and who have a valid email address in the system will receive email notifications.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • To schedule the audit, click Schedule Audit. The audit will move to the Record Audit stage.
    • To discard the audit, click Discard. The audit will be discarded and removed from the list of audits.