Audits – Complete Corrective Actions

The Corrective Actions tab in Corrective Actions displays all your open corrective actions. Use it to plan and manage your corrective actions, verify they've been completed correctly, and approve them. Once a corrective action has been approved, it moves from the Corrective Actions tab to the History tab.

Before an audit can be closed, all of its corrective actions must be completed, then verified. Email notifications are sent at each stage of the corrective action. Corrective actions assigned to the vessel will appear in Onboard Logs for the crew to complete, whereas corrective actions assigned to shore can be completed in Maintenance Overview, Audits, or in the Corrective Actions module.

  1. From the menu, under Compliance, select Corrective Actions.
  2. Click the Corrective Actions
  3. In the list, select the Corrective Action you wish to complete.
  4. Fill out the required information, then click “Finish”.
    1. In the Finish window:
      1. Make sure the displayed date and time are correct.
      2. From the Who was this resolved by? list, select your name.
      3. (Optional) Enter a comment to explain how you resolved the corrective action.
      4. Click Finish Corrective Action to finish the item and move it to the Verification state.