Build templates for internal audits

Audits templates are the master copies of your company's internal audits. Build them on the Audits tab in Templates, on the Setup menu, then publish them for your internal auditors to use when completing an audit in Helm CONNECT.

This lesson will show you how to build and publish templates for your internal audits.

Assign the audit template to a division

Each audit template must be assigned to a division. If you don't select a division, it will be assigned to all divisions. Remember, divisional security applies to audit templates in two ways:

  • You can't assign an audit template to a division that you don't have access to.
  • Logged in users won't be able to use an audit template assigned to a division they don't have access to.

Include categories and items

To build the body of the template, start with your first category then drag the items you want onto it. You can add as many categories and items as you like.